HexSee 1.0.2 has now been released for AmigaOS 3 and OS4.

HexSee is a hex viewer that displays file contents in blocks of 16 characters
per line. Although it is simple in function, it contains a few extra features
that are not always available in other AmigaOS hex viewers to date.

Those features include:
 * Can read any file up to 4 Gigabytes in size!
 * Written specifically for AmigaOS 4.1!
 * A single file buffer will not use more than 128KB even for the largest
 * Text and background colours can be set to any colour (limited by screen
 * Can open on any public screen, including the Workbench.
 * Can be iconised.
 * Responds to mouse scroll wheels where available.
Version 1.0.2 - Bug fixes.
   * Fixed double-opening of About requester on systems without Enhancer (OS4)
   * Mouse scroll wheel works anywhere on the window.
   * Added label to string search box for clarity.
   * Refactored code to be much smaller.